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Winter Wonderland. Really???

OK…we surrender! Here are a few reasons why.   1. Vehicles bursting into flames on I-78 East (miraculously no injuries) during my recent trip to Gettysburg, PA to attend the TFBC BoD meeting. 2. Accompanied by my own 540 degree spin out and collision with the guard rail…luckily alone on the road at the time. […]

The Log and Timber Home Show

As always our homeowners…current and future…along with friends and family are invited to visit the upcoming Timber Frame Home Show in ALLENTOWN, PA from March 28 – 30th. Clik above link for schedule, location and other info. Simply CLIK HERE and request complimentary passes for the show. Provide the names of all attendees. Your passes […]


(You be the judge.)   “Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor minus 7 degree mornings will keep our dedicated (and a little crazy) frame raising crew from their appointed rounds.” I must admit…even with 54 plus years as a carpenter/builder, our recent Timber Frame raising in Whitehouse Station, NJ was a bit harrowing. (See […]