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Speaking Personally!

We’re wishing our current and future TIMBER FRAME HOMEOWNERS, TF COLLEAGUES, FAMILY and FRIENDS a HEALTHY, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS 2013. We’re well on our way in North Jersey to rebuilding and getting back to normal after the worst storm damage in memory. Our neighbors joined together in a cooperative effort to shelter, feed and comfort […]


As always it was great to see our current and future clients at this weekends TIMBER FRAME HOME SHOW in Allentown, PA. We appreciate your investment in time and travel to say hello again. We’re happy to be a participant as you travel the road toward pursuing the creation of your dream home. Drew, Jessica, […]


Need a quiet contemplative space overlooking a garden, mountain view or pond? Our Japanese Tea House will calm and embrace you simultaneously. Of all the SPECIALTY DESIGNS in the Davis Frame Portfolio, this is is the hands down most requested. Even if you don’t NEED one we know you’ll WANT one. What the heck…it’s 2013 […]