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Join us as an honored guest at Rails Steakhouse soft opening event

“… we want RAILS STEAKHOUSE to be your kind of restaurant. A destination for gatherings of family, friends and special loved ones where your pleasure and delight is celebrated and never taken for granted.” ~Jack Costantino, Pres. TFU~ Clearing the way for RAILS STEAKHOUSE @ THE TOWACO CROSSING has begun… JOIN US as an HONORED […]

A sprinkle of good news for Pennsylvania residents…

“… we encourage those considering managing their own projects to initiate a dialogue with their local building inspectors sooner than later…. TFU has no problem calling your municipality on your behalf…we don’t charge for this. We are here to help.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, Field Managers, TFU~ As a DIYer, designing, managing and building your […]

The very best hedge against inflation: investing in a new home

“… a new home represents its highest value point in the last forty years. When adjusted against the impact of inflation over this time period, the investment in new construction unquestionably represents an unprecedented hedge against inflation.” ~Jimmy Vogt, Field Manager, TFU~ Recent trips to the grocery store reveal an obvious and troubling trend – […]