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A worthwhile Resolution for 2011…. BE FEARLESS!

“… refuse to be fearful… Don’t give in or give up believing that in fact your life is yours. It’s unique and not truly in anyone’s daily control but your own. And… that surrendering your peace of mind is counterproductive to problem solving, family fun and colonic regularity.” ~Jack Costantino, President, TFU~ In the grand […]

Want to save $MONEY$? Finish Your Own Floors! Consider Tung Oil?

“… the process wasn’t the most pleasant and Drew thinks I may have incurred a little brain damage from the fumes… However, the reward and DIY savings of beautiful, durable and easy to care for floors was well worth getting up early 4 days in a row! If I had to do it all over […]

Groupthink… “The ICY HAND of conformity”

“The Timber Frames Unlimited team is among this gallant band of independent thinkers who know there is simply a better way to build a home whose value increases from the first day of occupancy…” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Managers~ Our winter season continues to plod along. Adding to the general malaise was a recent tease […]