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Sometimes it’s MORE than nice when a plan comes together!

“After over 50 years as a hands-on carpenter / builder…I’m always impressed with our clients significant investment in time, their intelligence and awareness of the building process. Beginning with complimentary pre-design Site Evaluation Visits (SEV), the TFU/DFC partnership provides a permits to paint capability…and everything in between. Our clients decide.” ~Jack Costantino, President, TFU~ In […]

Credit reviews equal more closing jitters…

“…go ahead and start the excavation for your flagpole. Spend conservatively, stay in touch with your local lender, and expect the best possible conclusion. Before you know it, you too will be living on ‘TIMBER FRAME WAY.’” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Managers~ Our intrepid field management team always travels with photography gear. As we embark […]

A WIFE’s perspective on DIY: How do I make his dream mine?

“I missed waking up on the weekend and wondering what we were going to do with our time off. Our leisurely pace was replaced by planning and executing the seemingly impossible length of our do list for that weekend. Of course things NEVER move as quickly as you think?” ~Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Manager~ In […]