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Why do TREE PEOPLE dance?

“There are more and more mandates to divert wood from the waste stream and for companies to use reused products. I told the folks back home, you know, that I’m running a logging business in sight of the skyline of New York City, and they said, ‘What?’” ~Stubby Warmbold, CitiLog~ The answer may be…Stubby Warmbold, […]

DIYers Beware – Sprinkler Systems Now Required?

“… the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) mandating sprinkler systems in single and multiple residential structures has arrived. Some estimates have a system costing in the neighborhood of $3 per square foot,..others estimate the systems to be between $11,000 and $15,000.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Managers~ Happy New Year to all TFU followers! […]

Local Planning Boards – their needs versus your wants

“Local planning boards maintain a very crucial role in the managed growth of a community. And understanding their expectations is crucial to moving your new construction project forward in a timely and methodical fashion.” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Manager~ On the surface, it would seem a community should always welcome new residential construction. Benefits include […]