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Thinkin’ INSIDE the LOG…

“Using a whole peeled tree as a post can be startling to some; but never fails to provoke conversation while communicating the reality of the living trees we’ve invested in the process. There is no doubt that when moving through this beautiful space visitors will be reminded that they are strolling through a relocated forest; […]


“One important thing to never forget is that you are still the customer and the ‘friend’ is still the contractor working for you. Just because there is a pre-existing relationship does not permit your ‘friend’ to provide a lesser degree of service or quality of work.” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, Field Managers, TFU~ Up to […]

Home ownership – an investment and a piggybank!

“…think about approaching a financial institution and investing further in your home’s inherent value – chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Manager~ With the holiday season in full swing, this is the perfect time of year to engage in a brief discussion regarding illiquidity.