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Timber Framers Guild Gathers in Montebello, Quebec

“I believe this kind of building is more important now than ever. Our need for well built, environmentally sensitive and energy efficient homes is increasing in the marketplace.” ~Patrick Evelyn, Charles City Timber & Mat, LLC~ THE IMPOSSIBLE CAN HAPPEN As demonstrated by the improbable results of Carl Peter’s axe throwing…smart business owners don’t always […]

The REAL DEAL on Real Estate

“While much has been said recently about the general health of the housing industry, the inherent advantages of owning a home still soundly trump the alternatives.” ~Jimmy Vogt, TFU, Field Manager~ Personal comfort and satisfaction go hand in hand with home ownership. For many people, immersion in the design process of their new home offers […]


“No matter who designs your home…be willing to share your budget…be realistic with what you can afford, and be flexible..” ~Drew & Jessica Skelton, TFU, Field Managers~ So…you’ve decided to move forward with your timber frame/SIP home. And you’re planning to be hands-on. Now what? Figuring out what your budget should be or what you […]

Time for Change… again!?

“In lock step, we the people march forward with each new day adjusting and improving our survival skills…. and watch with wry amusement as the promise of yes we can swings on the hinge of no we can’t fearing in our hearts, that when it comes to the kind of change we fantasize we never […]